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I can provide you with a custom painting of a companion animal or a wildlife painting of your choosing.  I paint using acrylics.  Acrylics are permanent, water-based paints that lend themselves well to artwork.

I will need photos of your companion animal to work from as well as notes about your companion animal's personality.  This helps me capture the essence of the subject.

If you would like a wildlife painting we will discuss how you would like it portrayed.  Things to consider would be the image of the animal and the kind of background you would like. We can discuss your ideas via email, phone, or in person; whichever you prefer. We will also discuss how much you want to budget for your artwork.

My payment terms are a 50% deposit at the time the artwork is begun.  The remaining balance is due upon completion of the work.

My contact information is:

Suzanne Ellis

Office phone: 608.798.1563





I will paint a portrait of an animal of your choosing on commission. All I ask is a 50 percent down payment; the balance will be due upon completion. If you would like the animal in a different setting, it will cost extra (you may choose a background from my art work or supply your own.